Apart from conveyor belts, Esbelt manufactures a series of accessories that complement your conveying needs.  We produce a wide range of thermoplastic profile cleats and tracking guides, sidewalls ´´runers´´  as well as PU and polyester thermoweldable round belts and vee belts.    We can also offer you lightweight thermoplastic elevator buckets, leather & elastomer transmission belts as well as machinery for belt vulcanization.

Profiles / Cleats (Flights)

PVC, PU, ​​polyolefin, and polyester profiles are welded onto the carrying surfaces of the belt on inclined conveyors.

Reinforced profiles

Specially designed for applications in difficult conditions where the profiles suffered impacts during transport.

Finger profiles

´´Fingers´´ and ´´Short fingers´´. Especially indicated for inclined conveying fruits and frozen food.

Tracking guides

Trapezoidal or square guide profiles in PVC, PU, ​​polyolefin, and polyester.

PVC and PU notched Tracking Guides.

Thermoweldable Extruded Belts

Round and trapezoidal PU belts with or without aramid or polyester reinforcement.

Resistant and with great load capacity.

Sidewalls with base/ ´´Runer´´ with base

Sidewalls “Runer” with base for manual hot-air welding onto belt surface or for welding by a longitudinal profile welding machine.

Elevator Buckets

Lightweight thermoplastic polyethylene, polyamide, and polyester buckets.

For conveying bulk products in elevators.

Transmission and Process Belts

Leather transmission belts and elastomer and fabric transmission belts.

Machinery for Conveyor Belt Fabrication

esbelt offers all the handling and assembly elements, as well as the accessories necessary to guarantee the highest quality of finish.

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