Conveyor belts for the Food Industry

As a food conveyor belt manufacturers Esbelt offers a wide range of food conveyor belts that suit the specific needs of the diverse production processes that exist in the food industry. Hygiene and food safety is of utmost importance in the food sector and all our belts recommended for food applications comply with the FDA and EU food regulations. Other properties you can find in our food conveyor belts include resistance to edible oils, abrasion resistance, cut resistant, anti-hydrolysis, anti-microbial, wick-resistant, frayless and more. In this section, we recommend our food conveyor belts that are most commonly used in each type of production process.

Thermoplastic polyurethane TPU belts for food industry

TPU belts for food industry

Get to know the main characteristics of our Thermoplastic polyurethane TPU food conveyor belts.  Enhance hygiene and safety in food processing as well as savings in maintenance and cleaning costs etc.All belts in this series comply with food normative established by FDA and/or the EU Regulations EC1935/2004 and EU10/2011.

Bakery Conveyor Belts

Wide range of food belts for the bakery and biscuits industries for all the manufacturing processes, from dough moulding to cooling and packing.

The CLINA or NOVAK PVC series belts are for direct contact with dough or finished products in the bakery sector.

The CLINA or NOVAK PU series belts are for conveying and direct contact of cookie dough or finished products at temperatures higher than 80ºC or knife-edge transfers.

The TUBUL series belts are suitable for direct contact with very sticking bread and pastry dough.

Our belts are 100% toxic-free, excellent performance due to their dimensional stability, good product release, resistant to high temperature, abrasion, vegetable and animal oils and greases.

Chocolate Conveyor Belts

PU, polyester and silicone food belts for every production process of chocolates and sweets.

The PU belts in the CLINA and NOVAK series are used in the conveying of chocolate bars, pralines, sweets and candies.   They are also used in cooling tunnels together with the polyester POLER series belts.  Our non-stick VERNA silicone belts work excellently for transporting very sticky dough.

Good resistance to animal and vegetable oils.

FDA and EU 10/2011 food quality.

Meat & Poultry Belts

Long lasting PU food belts resistant to water, animal fats and rigorous cleaning processes.

The exclusive anti-microbial formulation has been developed to ensure that this integral property lasts throughout the belts´ working life.

Fish & Seafood Processing Belts

Wide range of PVC and PU food belts as well as PU mesh belts available for conveying, processing and packaging, in factories as well as on ships.

Ideal for adverse working conditions (humidity, cold, abrasion, cuts).

High resistance to animal greases and hydrolysis.

Comply with FDA and EU 10/2011 regulations.

Fruits & Vegetables Conveyor Belts

Wide range of food belts for harvesting, washing, cutting, packing and conveying a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Our CLINA, ESPOT, FEBOR, NOVAK and WASHFLOW series belts as well as a variety of profiles for welding on belt covers comply with FDA & EU food regulations.

Light-weight, water-resistant, easy to mount and maintain.

Mesh, flat and patterned belts in different colours are available.

Food belts - metal detectable belt

Belts Detectable by Metal Detectors

Formulated with innovative polymer so that metal detectors may reject foodstuff contaminated by conveyor belt material.

It is estimated that about 15% of consumers never return to a product they know has been recalled.

The Metal Detectable esbelt TPE belts enhance the level of protection of your customers and your brand reputation and the ability to demonstrate due diligence.

Tests at quality manufacturers of cookies, crackers, pastry and fresh/frozen bread confirm that such beltings provide an added layer of safety.


Anti-Microbial Belts

Reduce microbial growth by more than 95%, prevent biofilm formation.

Prevent the belt to be a source of contamination between disinfection stops.

Unlike unsuccesful alternatives based on metal ions our innovative formulation is not water soluble: it is long lasting because it withstands the strictest belt cleaning protocols.

Reinforce prevention policies.

Enhance your HACCP management system.

Reduce the risk of complaints and returns. Offer additional security to third party audits and controls.

Conveyor Belts for Cooling Tunnels

Polyurethane and polyester food belts with excellent dimensional stability and easy to center.

Good thermic conductivity.

Excellent release and transfer of products.

Above average working capacity, low elongation and good longitudinal flexibility for knife-edge applications.

Easy to clean with non-adherent covers.

Easy to maintain.

Conveyor Belts with Double PU covers

2-ply blue and white belts with double TPU covers.

Silk matt finish, homogenous, non-porous, good release of products, easy to clean.

Bottom cover with positive A2 (rice grain) pattern with rounded borders.

Bacteriostatic formulation with long-lasting antimicrobial and antibiofilm effects (ISO 22196).

High resistance to animal and vegetable oils and fats. Resistance to abrasion.

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