About us - Esbelt, S.A.U., manufacturer of thermoplastic conveyor belts

Esbelt, S.A.U. is a thermoplastic conveyor belt manufacturer based in Barcelona Spain.   Since its founding in 1970, esbelt has collaborated closely with our global network of authorized esbelt distributors to bring our belts and technical services nearer to our valued customers.

We have a professional team of chemical, mechanical, electrical and IT engineers as well as experienced sales and support staff who are here to ensure that our belts are running smoothly around the world.

Our values are what make our hearts beat as one.

Your time is gold.  We respond.

Time is precious, for you and for me.  We respond to you as fast as we can.

Your problem is our challenge.  We offer solutions.

We do not sell equivalents.  We propose the most appropriate solutions to your problems.

Your demand is our commitment.  You can rely on us.

Characteristics verification is not always simple.  It is in our DNA to comply with quality standards and regulations in the sector.

Your language is clear.  So is ours.

Transparency is our norm.  No fine-print, no half-truth.

Your approach matters to us.  Draw us in.

Involve us in your projects. Together we can achieve more.