Esbelt Conveyor Belts Sugar

Increase productivity with our sugar industry belts.

Belts for refined sugar lightweight, abrasion resistant and low elongation.

Meet all food hygiene and industrial safety regulations.

Features of our belts for refined sugar:

Whether you produce sugar from sugar beet or sugar cane, we have the right sugar industry belts for you.  We offer various options covering different mechanical specifications, e.g. troughed, straight or inclined conveyors and bucket elevators.

The PVC covers permit more specific and efficient formulations compared to rubber and can match perfectly the requirements of the sugar industry.

The abrasion resistant quality enables our belts to last up to 35% longer than other alternatives in the market.

Our sugar industry belts are available from 2 to 4-ply.  This multi-ply fabric construction distributes the load uniformly, reducing elongation and stoppage, thus increasing productivity.

Sealed edges for sugar industry belt


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