Banda elástica

TPU elastic belts, EP02DY-11-BL06 and EP02UYMT-10-BL06

Designed to offer a simple, efficient, and durable solution. The non-fabric structure allows the belts to be very light, elastic, and flexible, making them especially suitable for small conveyors without tensioner. Thanks to these characteristics, the belts are easy to clean and install.  Ply-delamination as well as fraying edges are also avoided when using these belts.


  • 100% TPU belts without fabric reinforcement.  


  • Easy to clean and maintain, no delamination of plies or contamination from fibers. 
  • Helps in the implementation of HACCP.
  • Excellent performance in damp environment.  
  • High elasticity, low shaft load.  
  • Long life span of bearings, less breakdowns. 
  • Suitable for flat layout.
  • Belt edges stay flat and do not curl up due to deformation or tension.
  • Belt ends are joint by hot vulcanizing.
  • Flexibility in supplying the belt dimensions.
  • Top cover finishing in matt or with D embossment.
  • The matt finishing provides good release of the conveyed products while the D embossment ensures good grip of products on inclined conveyors.

TPU elastic belts

Designed without fabric for greater elasticity.  Flexible, safe and resistant.

EP02DY-11-BL06 with D embossment and EP02UYMT-10-BL06 with matt top cover.


  • Small conveyors without tensioner
  • Processing of unwrapped food
    • Sorting
    • Cutting, filleting, slicing
    • Portioning
    • Precision weighing
    • Packaging
banda elástica
banda elástica 4

We also have TPU elastic thermoweldable extruded belts with the same features as our TPU elastic belts.

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