Conveyor belts for the Industrial Sector

Long lasting conveyor belts for industrial applications

Esbelt has more than half a century of experience as an industrial conveyor belt manufacturer.   If you are looking for conveyor belts with high abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to mineral oils and chemicals, cut resistant, anti-static, ATEX or flame-resistant for industrial applications, we have the belt for you.

In the following sections, you will find our range of industrial conveyor belts for manufacturing processes in the Textile, Wood, Metal, Soap & Detergent, Ceramics and Corrugated Carton Box industries.

Belts for the Textile Industry

Apron belts with nails on our BREDA series belt as a base and with special thermoweldable profiles.

The U-shaped double pins make it impossible for them to fall onto the material, making them very reliable when dealing with heavy loads.

Prevents possible accidents caused by breakage of the profiles.

The guide profiles prevent misalignments of the belt.

Belts in the Wood Industry

Our BREDA series belts, which are majority PVC, are specially designed to perform under difficult conditions like abrasive, mineral oils and cuts.

The transverse rigidity assures that the belt is totally flat on the slider bed.

Easy to center on very wide conveyors.

Belts for Soaps and Detergents Industry

In esbelt, we have available different types of belts for conveying detergent, depending on the type of soap (bar, powder), the conveyor and the processing phase of production, etc.

Our ESPOT and DRAGO belts perform well with bulk products and troughed conveyors on rollers. Our white PVC FEBOR (sugar range) belts perform excellently with dry detergent powder reaching temperatures of 90 and 110ºC. The working life of our conveyor belts is much higher compared to some previously tested competitors´ belts.

Belts for Automobile Industry

Our KERAM series belts have been used for years in the press exits, metal cutting and stamping lines, cooling circuit for finished pneumatic tyres, bambury and tubing exits as well as the entry to the rubber cooling line.

Excellent cut resistance.

Good performance in high impact zones.

Resistance to high working temperatures.

Hot rubber does not stick to the belt.

Minimum stretch and long life.

Belts for Metal Industry

Our PU belts in the BREDA and KERAM series offer excellent performance in the metal sheet winding and cutting applications.

Excellent resistance to cuts, abrasion and all types of mineral oils.

Unlike the rubber belts frequently used in metal sheet winding and which is usually impregnated with oils, our PU belts remain flat and the borders do not curl up upon contact with oils.

Belts for the Ceramics Industy

We offer a wide range of PVC conveyor belts, PU round belts and vee belts as well as polyamide buckets for different processes in the ceramics industry including the production of floor tiles, roof tiles, bricks and pavements.

Our DRAGO series conveyor belts have proven to resist the high temperature of atomized clay and are commonly used in trough conveyors and bucket elevators.

Our BREDA and HIPRO series conveyor and process belts are resistant to abrasion and mineral oils and are used to convey processed clay from molders, extruders, presses and cutters.

Hipro belts

Belts in our Hipro series are high productivity , high performance, flexible and resistant to bending fatigue. They have excellent resistance to abrasion, hydrocarbons and mineral oils.

Their anti-staticity (ISO 284) ensures that the belts do not accumulate static electricity or dust.

An excellent choice for applications in MDF particle board processing, corrugated cardboard manufacturing, graphics industry, magnetic elevator belts, metal sheet processing etc.

Esbelt - bandas para Cartón corrugado

Belts for the Corrugated Carton Box Industry

Wide variety of belts for the different processes in the corrugated carton box industry ranging from belts with smooth finish to patterned topcover, flat transmission belts to round belts.

Antistatic, with excellent resistance to abrasion and high topcover grip.  Designed to maintan a continuous production flow and offers high durability.

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