Conveyor belts for bakery & biscuits manufacturing.

Knife-edge application, highly resistant to animal and vegetable oils.

Easy to clean cover, FDA and EU10/2011 food quality.


    Laminating and dough conditioning
    The most suitable belt for this process depends on the level of humidity and oil of the dough:

  • For sweet and savoury non-oily dough: CLINA or NOVAK PVC belts.

  • For sweet and oily dough: CLINA or NOVAK PU belts.

    Rotary cutter
    CLINA 10FF is the best belt in the market for this application. It has low adherence and good release of dough, resistant to oils and greases, flexible on knife-edges.

    The leftover dough is transported on CLINA 09FF or NOVAK 09FF and returned to the laminating machine (CLINA or NOVAK PU belts with one or two plies).

      Cooling and packing lines

      Biscuit cooling is not induced to avoid altering the biscuit properties.  The cooling line is usually a very long belt (usually between 1.5 to 3 times longer than the oven).

      Our CLINA and NOVAK PU belts are stable, flexible and resistant to high temperatures, oils and abrasion which are necessary qualities to function correctly in the application.

    Features of our belts for bakery:

      Standard TPU belts in white, blue and ocher.

    • Highly resistant to animal and vegetable oils and fats, no cracks, high level of hygiene.

    • High resistance to abrasión.

    • Above average load capacity but high flexibility for knife edge applications.

    • Both the belt and its raw materials are of FDA and EU 10/2011 food quality .


    • Glossy, smooth, homogeneous, non-porous, easy to clean cover.

    • Low adherent cover for better release of the conveyed product.


    • Silk matt, homogenous, non-porous, easy to clean cover.

    • Low adherent cover for a good product transfer and positioning.

      100% Wool Felt, TUBUL belts.

    • Truly endless, no seam or joint.

    • Non-adherent.

    Examples of Applications

    CLINA 08DF – TPU belt for inclined cooling line.

    TPU belt with flexible weft

    Food belt with flexible weft for curved conveyors NP13UFMT-AM-FL.