Leader in conveyor belts for grape harvesting.

Preferred by major grape harvesting machine makers for its toughness and performance in the vineyard.

esbelt grape harvesting belts help you to reduce maintenance and production costs.

Features of our Belts for Viticulture:

  • Highly resistant to cuts, tear and impact.

  • Easy to track, excellent dimensional stability.

  • High frequency machine welded cleats.

  • Cleats can be individually replaced or repaired.

  • Strong fasteners to join belt ends.

  • Comply with FDA and EU 1935/2004 regulations.

Grape harvesting machine consists of a propellant with conveyor belt that facilitates the collection and conveyance of grapes from the vineyard to the harvester hopper.  The conveyor belt works under tough conditions receiving scratches, tears, hits from the grape vine.  Belt performance is jeopardized when longitudinal profiles detach or transverse cleats break or the belt joints give way.

For more than 20 years, esbelt has been supplying grape harvesting belts in Europe and our belts are well known among the sector´s main harvesting machine makers for its strength, durability and reliability.

Our 2 and 3-ply PVC belts with curved transverse profiles are compact, durable and highly resistant to cuts and impacts.  Also available are 4-ply PVC belts with exceptional mechanical resistance recommended for high performance harvesting machines.  The special belt structure allows for replacement of single cleats without the need for full belt replacement.

esbelt offers you a solution with our grape harvesting belts, designed to last through various harvesting seasons.

Most common grape harvesting belt widths

240 mm
250 mm
310 mm
320 mm