Our conveyor belt fabrication workshop is well equipped with machineries, tools and experienced technicians to prepare belts and accessories according to the requirements of any application (profiles, guides, containment edges …).

Everything counts to get a perfectly fabricated belt ready to show off its best qualities.  The right belt, right accessories, right technician, right machinery and the right parameters.

Workshop for the attachment of profiles, cleats (flights) and guides

In our conveyor belt fabrication workshop , we are capable of attaching  profiles in different configurations onto the belt covers  depending on the application for which they are intended.   We offer profiles that are resistant to oils and fats, made of different materials that can be welded directly onto the belt covers.

Perfiles longitudinales

Tracking guides

Retaining sidewalls and guides.

Perfiles en V

Herringbone Profiles

Layout of profiles in open ´´V´´.

Perfil lateral de contención runer


Sidewalls with undulations.

Punky profile


Longitudinally cut side profiles.

Belt joint workshop

In esbelt workshop, we join belt ends using hot vulcanizing presses or with fasteners, guaranteeing excellent quality, strong and durable joints as well as homogeneous and smooth finishes.

vulcanizados sin fin

Vulcanizing endless belts

Hot splicing for our entire Esbelt belt range

Empalmes longitudinales

Longitudinal joints

For belts with widths greater than those of production.

Colocación de grapas

Fixing of fasteners

Open, hidden or semi-hidden metal and plastic fasteners.

Extremos Preparados

Ends prepared

Belt ends prepared in Diagonal, Straight, ´´Fingers´´ or Special.

Perforación de bandas

We have the ability to perforate conveyor belts in different configurations for different applications.

Perforated belts are used in applications such as vacuum belts, drainage and filter belts, bucket elevator belts, and in other industrial processes.

Bordes sellados

Our thin belt sealing technique ensures that the belt edges are protected while maintaining its flexibility to work in knife- edge applications.

As for the thicker belts, the edges are sealed to work under harsh conditions and offer total protection to the belts.

Bandas para máquinas vendimiadoras

For more than 20 years, esbelt has supplied grape harvester belts that are highly valued by leading manufacturers for their reliability, strength and durability.

Our PVC belts of 2- and 3-ply for the grape harvesting machines are welded with curved cross-containment profiles that are compact and highly resistant to cuts and impacts.

Bandas monoblock para teleras

In the openers and loaders, the monoblock apron belts are used to comb and stretch the fibers.  They are spiked slats mounted on a base belt like the BREDA 25CF.

The NE.C14 profiles are heat-welded on the cover of the tape. Subsequently, they are placed in a U shape from the bottom cover of the belt. To align the apron belt, guide profiles can be welded on the bottom cover.

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