Quality policy

In the context of the company’s sustained growth, the lack of internal factory logistics, very intensive use of the belt production line of over 2m width and, in general, the lack of roll stocking space, the increase of machinery fleet in the workshop and the commitment to new projects will limit the company´s  development in the medium term.

The exceptional increase in material costs in 2021-2022 and the growing demand to limit the use of non-reusable plastics reinforce the need to increase efficiencies and process speeds, as well as to focus on controlling and reducing environmental impacts.

The possibilities offered by data analysis and developments in artificial intelligence can now allow, through cost-effective programs, smarter, faster and more efficient management in a multitude of processes.

Finally, the existence of multiple options for customers, in an environment in which our main competitors are significantly larger multinationals with greater resources, forces us to make an effort to try to launch new products, broaden our customer base and profile and continually improve their purchasing experience.

In this context, Esbelt’s Quality Policy renews the permanent commitment to comply with all the regulations applicable to our activity, as well as the continuous improvement of the quality management system, focusing in the 2023-2024 biennium the following objectives:

1.- Expand manufacturing facilities and increase industrial capacity.

2.- Make environmental improvements and reduce costs.

3.- Capture data and digitalize processes.

4.- Extend product offers and facilitate customer transactions.