esbelt designs and manufactures conveyor belts for a wide range of applications, always taking into consideration the specific characteristics andrequirements of each application so as to ensure the highest quality performace, efficiency, and durability of our belts .

In the next section, you will find our recommendations for belts for airports, distribution centers, curved conveyors, recycling centres, and ski resorts. Find out how our conveyor belts work in each of these applications.

Conveyor Belts for Airports

Conveyor belts for baggage handling systems that have been working successfully in Spanish and other international airports.

In just one terminal, esbelt has sold more than 80.000m2 of belts and made 3400 belt joints for all its conveyor belts.

The FEBOR and ASTER series meet all the stringent international norms required by the airport authorities.

Belts with different top cover finishing to meet the requirements of the airports (check-in, receiving conveyors, descending/inclined conveyors, diverters, curved belts…).

Belts for Distribution Centres

Excellent tracking performance.

Resistant to shock loads and abrasion.

Belts available for horizontal and inclined conveyors, merger and diverter, sorters, curved and telescopic conveyors.

Esbelt Curved Conveyor Belts

Belts for Curved Conveyors

Power curve belting with one splice only.

High dimensional stability and reliability in the transfer of products.

Services offered by esbelt include calculating, cutting, splicing of curved belts.

Attaching and sewing of lateral guides without visible joints to our curved belts is also available.

Conveyor Belts for Recycling 

More than 12 years contributing to the efficient use of waste materials.

The BREDADRAGO and KERAM series offer exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact, tear and all types of mineral oils and greases.

Usually supplied with reinforced profiles which are also manufactured in esbelt and welded with high frequency machine.

Also available in TPU black, hard, matt or shiny, for the classification of residue by optical methods.  Our thermoplastic belts reduce energy consumption as they are very robust while being lighter than rubber.

Ski Conveyor Belts

Belts with clearly defined lanes that help skiers position themselves when boarding and disembarking the chairlifts at ski resorts.

Lane colours that do not get erased.

Ensure skier safety at boarding area.

Increase transport capacity of chairlifts.

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