Robust and high quality conveyor belts for agricultural applications

esbelt works closely with clients in the agricultural sector to develop belts that suit the specific working conditions of different production processes.  Hygiene and food safety is important in the agricultural sector and we recommended belts that comply with the FDA and EU food regulations for direct contact with fruits & vegetables.  Our conveyor belts for agricultural use are robust, strong and have low elongation.  Other properties include abrasion resistance, vegetable & animal oil resistant, cut resistant, anti-static, ATEX and flame-retardant.

In the following sections, you will find our range of agricultural conveyor belts for manufacturing processes in the Olive oil, Sugar, Bucket Elevator, Grape Harvesting, Tobacco, Fruit & Vegetables, Tea and  Greenhouses.

Olive Oil Conveyor Belts

With hundreds of rolls sold (and zero claims), their design and durability make them the preferred agro conveyor belts in Spain, world´s number one olive oil producer.
Profiles are welded in high precision without crevices, sharp corners or material faults.
The smooth and homogenous covers of these belt in the ASTER series prevent the accumulation of soil and dirt, making them easier to clean and upkeep.

Belts for Refined Sugar 

More than 30 years of successful experience worldwide.  The double covers of the FEBOR series are very resistant to abrasion.  For trough conveying.  We have installed possibly the longest PVC belt in the world: an F91CC of 400 meters, center to center.
Free from phthalates and antimony.  Anti-static, fire retardant and ATEX, for a safe industrial environment.
The non-sticky covers facilitate transfers and cleaning of the conveying as well as return side. Also available with sealed edges.

Bucket Elevators Conveyor Belts

More than 40 years of experience in vertical conveying of bulk materials.
There is no other lightweight conveyor belt with double cover food grade PVC that has better mechanical resistance than our ESPOT series.
The extremely low elongation avoids maintenance costs and losses associated with stoppages in production caused by the need to cut or re-tension belts.
Prevent tears of bucket attachments.
Save energy costs and lengthen conveyor durability with its lightweight.

Conveyor Belts for Viticulture 

Developed more than 25 years ago to the specifications of the most prestigious French grape harvesting machines.
Our foodgrade CLINA and NOVAK series are one of the most reliable agro belts in the industry.
Extraordinary adherence between plies. Strong bond between profiles, cleats and main belt.  In case of an accident, the profiles will break from the topcover before they separate the support fabric.  Single cleat replacement or repair is possible without having to change the entire belt.
Custom-made fabrication according to grape harvesting machine requirements with cleats welded using high frequency. Long lasting, heavy duty usage throughout various harvesting seasons.

Tobacco Conveyor Belts

With clients in the 5 continents, esbelt is the number 1 supplier of conveyor belts to the tobacco leaves processing plants in Africa.
The Poler and Verna series of Polyester and Polyolefin, with smooth and patterned finishes, cover all the necessities from green tobacco leave treshing to primary processing.  For trough, slider beds, straight or inclined conveyors.
Non-toxic when burnt, compliant with pyrolysis test and hygiene regulations, FDA and EU.

Herringbone Conveyor Belts

Highly versatile herringbone or chevron patterns on belt top cover.
Allow products of irregular shapes to be elevated without slipping.
Good for powdered, granulated, dry, wet or frozen products.
Also good for unpacked or packed products.
Food grade and industrial belts available.

Fruits and Vegetables Conveyor Belts

Wide range of belts for harvesting, washing, cutting, packing and conveying a variety of fruits and vegetables.
Our CLINA, ESPOT, FEBOR, NOVAK and WASHFLOW series belts as well as a variety of profiles for welding on belt covers comply with FDA & EU food regulations.
Light-weight, water-resistant, easy to mount and maintain.
Mesh, flat and patterned belts in different colours are available.

Tea Conveyor Belts

The PVC and cotton CLINA belts are the preferred choice among tea producers in East Africa for more than 20 years.
Excellent mechanical performance even under minimal conditions of maintenancet.
Hygienic, FDA and EU. Chemically resistant to tea juice.

Greenhouses Conveyor Belts

Our BREDA PU belts have been the longest lasting belts in the greenhouse application.
The mechanization of greenhouses increases productivity without the need for manual transfers.
With high transversal rigidity, the belt edges remain flat and permit perpendicular transfers without pots falling over.
The low friction co-efficient cover allows accumulation of pots.
The longitudinal flexibility permits belts to work at small diameters with internal guides.

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