Conveyor Belts for Airport

Airport conveyor belts that meet all international security regulations

Belt features:

  • Flame retardant ISO 340

  • Antistatic ISO 284

  • Low noise/ silent fabric

  • Different topcover patterns – beehive, longitudinal, rhomboid

  • LFR “Low friction resin” bottom cover impregnation

  • Easy to align and maintain

  • Energy saving with low power consumption

  • Most common belt types: F15NF, F19NF, F21Y3F, F21NF, F22FF, A15QF, A15G2F y A15W3F

esbelt, as an experienced manufacturer of airport conveyor belts for materials handling, through extensive R&D has developed an efficient and proven airport belting range that meets the special requirements of all processes involved in the conveyance of baggage, from check-in to the carousel at the destination.

Our airport conveyor belts meet the most stringent regulations in airport safety and operation, incorporating: low noise polyester fabric, high abrasion resistant PVC, certified ISO 284 anti-static and ISO 340 flame retardant.

Top cover Patterns

Tipo G2 - nido de abeja
Tipo W3 - romboidal
Tipo Q - longitudinal
Tipo Y3