In this section, we would like to present to you our mesh belts for drainage processes and separation of solids from liquids.

These belts are specially designed for washing, drying, cooling and filtering processes. Some examples of applications where we can find these type of belts are:

  • Conveying, washing and rinsing of vegetables, olives, fruits, fish and more.
  • Production of prepared food (e.g. salads).
  • Desalting meats.
  • Sprinkling candies with sugar or starch.
  • Grey water treatment.
  • Cooling lines of crown caps.
malla meshbelt

Esbelt mesh belts are designed mainly for washing, drying, cooling and filtering processes.

The lateral reinforcements ensure dimensional stability, better adherence to the drum and lower elongation.

Reduced grid sizes for lighter products and indoor use.

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Washflow are polyurethane mesh belts with high resistance to abrasion, hydrolysis and outdoor conditions. Their high resistance makes them suitable for applications with presence of dirt, soil and stones. Also frequently used in the Fruits & Vegetables and  Fish & Seafood sectors.

The elasticity and design of Washflow reduces the accumulation of waste material, facilitates its release and maintains the drainage flow.

Grid sizes of 6 x 6 & 12 x 12 mm.

Washflow – Washing & draining of olives

In the first part of this video, the olives are washed upon reception in the hopper. They are conveyed on esbelt´s PU mesh belt WASHFLOW with profiles that resist the strong flow of water and high speed. In the second part of the video, the olives are completely drained on WASHFLOW.

These belts have been installed in many olive processing plants. They are easy to clean and do not elongate.

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