Belts with double TPU covers.

Premium TPU, anti-microbial, matt finish and positive A2 ´´rice grain´´ pattern.

    FEATURES of Belt with Double TPU covers:

  • Silk matt finish on one cover.

  • Rice-grain A2 profile on the other cover, with rounded borders to prevent residue or grease accumulation.

  • Antimicrobial TPU with bacteriostatic formulation.

  • Low friction coefficient when wet.

  • High resistance to animal and vegetable oils and fats.

  • FDA and EU 10/2011 food quality.

  • Possible to weld cleats and sidewalls “Runer” on both covers.

  • Possible to seal edges of the belt.

    BENEFITS of Double TPU covers:

  • Good release of products. Easy to clean.

  • Protection of bottom cover while being able to work on slider beds or rollers. When used as top cover, has good grip and easy release of products.

  • Prevents biofilm effects from forming. Long lasting antimicrobial effect.

  • Efficient transfer of conveyed products, avoid accumulations.

  • TPU covers remain in good condition even with constant contact with oils.

  • Ensures food hygiene and safety.

  • Applicable to inclined conveyor.

  • Fabric layer is completely protected from moisture.

Grabado de grano de arroz A2
GrabadoA2 y canto sellado
Canto sellado

Also available in white: CPX09UA2MT-AM


Some examples of applications:

NX09UFMTAM for vegetables

Fruits & vegetables processing

NX09UA2MT-AM-grated cheese

Cheese & dairy products

NX-09UA2MT-AM for salmon

Fish, poultry and meat

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