Food belts - metal detectable belt

Enhance the level of protection of your customers and your brand reputation

Esbelt Metal detectable belt and accesories for conveyors leading up to a standard metal detection control system.

Features of esbelt Metal Detectable belt and accesories:

  • Belt with silk matt, homogenous, non-porous and easy to clean cover.

  • Excellent product release.

  • Wide range of temperature variance. Excellent thermal conductivity.

  • High abrasion resistance for abrasive products and scrapers.

  • Metal Detectable to enhance food stream inspection, protect brand reputation and demonstrate due diligence.

  • FDA and EU 10/2011, both our products and their raw materials are of food quality.

Our metal detectable conveyor belt NP09UFMTMD-BL09 maintains its high heat and chemical resistance, durability and flexibility.  Even with its excellent wear resistant property, should the belt be accidentally chipped and mixed with the conveyed food stuff, it can be detected by standard metal detection system to avoid further food contamination.

We also have other Metal Detectable products such as:

B09 MD
Perfil MD
Metal Detectable PU tracking guides.
MD runer
Blue 09 MD PU Premium Runer.
cangilon MD frontal y lateral 02
Metal Detectable Polyamide Blue 09 VERCAN Bucket.

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