Antimicrobial Belt

The esbelt antimicrobial belt in the AM series helps to ensure the safety of processed food if the shelf-life of the food product is a strategic objective.   The main antimicrobial component is not bactericidal, but bacteriostatic.    Its function is to prevent the belt from adding microbial load to the conveyed product.

Unlike alternatives based on metal ions, our innovative formulation is not water soluble:  it is durable because it withstands the most stringent cleaning protocols of the belts.  In addition, the antimicrobial component is incorporated into the belt formula and will continue to act even if the antimicrobial belt cover has degraded or has cuts or cracks.

The esbelt antimicrobial belt reduces microbial growth by more than 99%, preventing the formation of biofilm and contributing to more effective cleaning and disinfection.

The antimicrobial belt reinforces contamination prevention policies.  Improves the management of the HACCP system. Reduces the risk of claims and returns.  It offers additional security against audits and third-party controls.