ATEX Compliant Belts

Suspended combustible particles spread by air at a given concentration can produce an explosion if three main factors are present:

  1. Dust of a given size and concentration.
  2. Burning agent (oxygen) that produces the combustion process.
  3. An ignition point or heat source (sparks from static electricity).

Processes involving dusts, powder, particles are susceptible to the risk of explosions.

Esbelt collaborates in preventing the risk of explosions by manufacturing anti-explosive ATEX belts in the ESPOT, DRAGO and FEBOR series.  These belts are anti-static in accordance with ISO 284, i.e. they do not accumulate static electricity and facilitate its discharge, preventing sparks that could cause ignition.

These belts are certified in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU as non-electrical components used in equipment for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres and ATEX-Category 2 in accordance with EN13463-5:2011.

Suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres with inflammable substances in the form of gases and/or dust. e.g. in bucket elevators, storage silos, refined sugar processing.