PU Mesh belts for washing and conveying shellfish.

Easy to replace, works like a conveyor belt.

More economical than stainless steel mesh belts.

Belt features:


  • White and blue.

  • Rigid weft, with smooth or patterned top cover and patterned bottom cover, allowing the belt to slide on a stainless steel slider bed. C12CK, C20CK, C30CK, N20CK.

  • Flexible weft, with top and bottom PVC covers for troughed conveyor. A21ZK, A26XC, C21CK, N19CK.

  • FDA & EU food quality.

  • Excellent resistance to moisture.

  • Sealed edges option available.



    • Transparent, white and blue.

    • Resistant to animal fats and oils.

    • Abrasion resistant.

    • Cut resistant. B22UFTR, C20UF.

    • FDA & EU food quality.

    • Anti-hydrolysis and anti-microbial options available.

    • Sealed edges option available.

    In the fish and shellfish industry, we supply belts for all processes such as auctioning, conveying, washing, deboning, cleaning, cutting, draining, pressing, canning and packaging.

    Apart from complying with the FDA and EU food quality, anti-microbial belt options are also available to help improve HACCP system management in fish and seafood processing plants.

    Esbelt Aster 21HF for fish & seafood

    Conveying fish on Aster 21LF.

    Esbelt Novak 19CK for Fish & Seafood

    Novak 19CK , seafood auctioning.

    Detail of A2 pattern of belt X-2602-NX