Esbelt turns 50 and looks towards North America

The Manlleu company has overcome the crisis of the Covid-19 without filing for ERTE (temporary layoff schemes) and is anticipating stock.
Esbelt turns 50

Mr. Federico Segura, Managing Director and

Mr. Conrad Tarrago, Industrial Director of Esbelt, S.A.

Article on Esbelt, S.A. in a local press

El 9 Nou of Osona, 26th june 2020.

The manufacturer of conveyor belts Esbelt has reached its 50th year this 2020.  Due to COVID-19, the celebration, that was going to be held in spring, was cancelled but not the investment projects that involve the construction of a new warehouse in El Mas estate, once it is urbanized, and investing in commercial implementations in the United States.

During this crisis, Esbelt has chosen to increase inventories and maintain productions in anticipation of being able to serve at any time in the event of a return of confinement.  Its CEO, Federico Segura, affirms family-style companies like Esbelt with a good product, thanks to its R&D and worker profile: people with service availability, who are not just numbers like in large corporations, but people who allow the company to give excellent and fast services.