Frayless conveyor belts 

Esbelt Frayless (FL) belts are made with special fabrics that minimize belt fraying. This reduces the risk of contamination by fibers, that may detach from the fabrics due to lateral friction of the belt against the conveyor and mix with the conveyed product. 

Thanks to this frayless feature, in some cases, it is possible to avoid sealing of belt edges. 

Currently, we have 3 ”frayless”(FL) conveyor belts.   All of them are from our Premium TPU range with antimicrobial and anti-hydrolysis properties, making  their safety and hygiene performance unbeatable. 

*W impregn. = Impermeabilized fabrics (Wicking Test G11)


Frayless (FL) belts are used for conveying frozen products, bread dough and cookies. For trough conveying and curved conveyors, NP13UFMT-AM-FL with flexible weft is available. 

CP10UFMT-AM-FL conveying cracker dough.
NP13UFMT-AM-FL belt in troughed conveying.
TPU belt with flexible weft
NP13UFMT-AM-FL belt on a curved conveyor.

Success cases of frayless belts: 

Application: cutting of full-fat cheese dough. 

Result: After installing our NP10UFMT-AM-FL, the end-user noticed a qualitative and economical improvement.  This Esbelt belt is thinner than the previous one and the belt edges do not curl up and remains completely flat thanks to its rigid weft.  Due to the frayless  fabrics, it was not necessary to seal the belt edges. 

Frayless NP10UFMT-AM-FL
NP10UFMT-AM-FL conveying full-fat cheese.

Application: French fries production lines. Esbelt frayless belts of approximately 34m long each were installed. 

Result: The belt edges continue to be clean and without fiber detachment 9 months after belt installation. 

CP10UFMT-AM-FL conveying French fries.

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