Updates regarding our services during the Covid-19 State of Alarm

–30th March 2020–

The Spanish Government has decreed the closure of any non-essential activity while the state of alarm is in force.  The Annex to the Royal Decree Law 20/20 of March 30th  lists the activities that are considered essential.

Esbelt, S.A. carries out an essential activity according  to point 5 of the abovementioned Annex which includes “those essential for the maintenance of productive activities of the manufacturing industry that offer supplies, equipment and materials necessary for the correct development of essential activities included in this Annex”.

Therefore, we continue with our industrial activity, promoting telecommunicating to the maximum and taking all safety measures for our employees, clients, suppliers and neighbors.

We trust that the availability of our staff, services and our website allows us to continue to offer essential products to the entire population.

Currently,  you can contact us by phone or through any other digital means. Due to the constant changes that take place these days, you will be able to consult any update of our services through our website esbelt.com.

–16th March 2020–

In these times of so much uncertainty, personal safety is our utmost priority.

Esbelt is very well-equipped in digital connectivity, including IP telephones.  All non-plant employees are now working remotely.   We have protocols in place that will allow us to act quickly should any employee shows symptoms of coronavirus.

We are also ensuring business continuity and customer service to the maximum with well stocked materials. At this moment, all shifts are working normally, trying to speed up expeditions as fast as possible.

In such critical situations, it becomes clear to us how delicate life is and how much we care for each other.

We are reachable by phone and via all digital means. You can also look out for any current updates regarding our services via this homepage.