Conveyor belts for Chocolate & Confectionary Manufacturing

Wide range of belts suitable for processes before, during and after cooling tunnels.

Non-adherent belts for very sticky dough conveying.

Belt features:

    Silicone belts in white, transparent and blue.

  • Non-stick belt top cover with excellent release of sticky products.

  • Wide range of temperature variance. Excellent thermal conductivity for cooling tunnels.

  • Resistant to vegetable oils and animal fats.

  • FDA and EU 10/2011 food quality both the belt and their raw materials.

    Standard PU belts in white, blue, light green, brown and ocher.

  • Highly resistant to animal and vegetable oils and fats, no cracks, high level of hygiene.

  • High resistance to abrasion.

  • High flexibility for knife edge applications.

  • Possibility to weld profiles and sidewalls.

  • FDA and EU 10/2011 food quality both the belt and their raw materials.


  • Silk matt, homogenous, non-porous, easy to clean cover.

  • Low adherent, non-stick belt cover for a good product transfer and positioning.


  • Smooth, homogenous, non-porous, easy to clean cover.


  • Avoid chocolate accumulation on the product base.

  • Improves product transfer.

We offer a wide array of conveyor belts for the different manufacturing processes of chocolates, toffees, candies, sweets, caramels, chewing gums and other confectionary products.

For conveying warm extruded sweet dough that is very sticky, our silicone VERNA belt series with their good release property yield excellent performance. Depending on the load and pulley diameter, the one or two-ply belt may be used.

For conveying cold and non-sticky dough, our PU belts in the CLINA series, e.g. CLINA S09UF works very well in this application.

Where loose candies need to be elevated, cleats and runers can be welded by high frequency machine onto the top covers of CLINA S12UF or CLINA S20UF.

For chocolate bathing outlets and cooling tunnels, we have a full range of PU and polyester belts that can withstand low temperatures while maintaining high longitudinal flexibility for working on knife edge applications.

Example of Applications


Silicon belts VERNA 12SCF, VERNA 12SUF, VERNA 08SF, CLINA S09UF for chewing gum applications.

CLINA X 06K1F for chocolate bathing outlets.

CLINA S20UF with PU profiles and sidewalls for candy application.