Elevator Buckets

Lightweight polyethylene, polyamide and polyester thermoplastic elevator buckets.

For carrying granular products (cereals, feeds, oleaginious fruit, etc.)

Total discharge of elevated products guaranteed.

Comply with FDA, EU 10/2011 and EC1935/2004 regulations.

Different characteristics and dimensions available according to needs.

Video: The effect of compression where the high flexibility of the Metcan bucket can be observed.

Polyethylene NEUCAN White Elevator Buckets

Polyamide VERCAN Green Elevator Buckets

Polyamide VERCAN White Elevator Buckets


Polyethylene Elevator Buckets.
Hardness: 62º Shore D
Maximum service temperature: 60ºC. Available in white colour.


Polyamide Elevator Buckets.
Hardness: 72º Shore D
Maximum service temperature: 110ºC. Available in white and green colour


Galvanized steel bolt supplied with nut and concave washer.

The bolt is fanged for better securing to the belt.