Video showing how to operate the esbelt automatic slitter.

LCM 225EEN Automatic Slitter for Conveyor Belts

Designed for the longitudinal cutting of conveyor belts.

Maximum working width 2250 mm. Maximum belt diameter of 1500 mm and a maximum permissible weight of 2500 kg.

Esbelt Automatic Slitter- traction system.
Very robust traction system.
Adjustable guides.
Adjustable guides.
Expandable pneumatic axles with safety lock.
Expandable pneumatic axles with safety lock.
Esbelt Automatic Slitter- Central control panel.
Central control panel.

Main benefits of the Automatic Slitter

  • Easy and quick mounting of the belt onto the machine.

The pneumatic expandable shafts and its fixing system with automatic safety lock permit easy positioning of the belt onto the slitter. The Mounting / Unmounting selector on the central control panel also makes it easier to mount the belt onto the slitter.

  • Precise and straight cuts

The cut is simple, clean and effective.  Unlike circular blades, its trapezoidal blades do not need traction at the cutting area. The rotating rollers and adjustable guides located at the central cutting area prevent lateral movements of the belt and guarantee a precise cut at a constant width.

  • Easy to handle

Designed for simple and efficient operation.  From the control panel located at the central area of ​​the machine, the operator has an overview and greater control of the slitter.

  • Safety

It incorporates an emergency button and also manually operated perimeter cables (by foot) that instantly stop the machine.

Accessory LCU KAM-225

Belt advancing system with a handle that can be added to the slitter, enabling manual advance of the belt at an even and continuous rhythm.

Safe and easy to use.  Ideal for slitting small remnant rolls of belts off-the-shelf.

It could be easily added to the slitter without having to modify the electrical installation.

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