PRODUCTS: Profiles

  • Recommendations for profile attachment

Profile attachment is best carried out on 2 or more ply belts.

Minimum covers thickness for profile type are given below.


To obtain good results with a tracking guide, the grooves in the pulleys, rollers and slider beds must be larger than the tracking guide which is welded to the belt.

Should you need additional information regarding recommended sizes, please contact our technical department.

Material and type of profile Minimum cover Thickness
PVC height 20 and 30 mm 0.5 mm
height 40, 50, 60 mm and types NE.012 and NE.C14 0.8 mm
height 70, 80 mm and types NE.K16 and NE.015 1 mm
all types 0.3 mm
PO all types 0.5 mm

  • Belts support on the return side

1. Belt with cleats (flights) in "V", section
supported on a cylindrical roller
4. Belt with internal tracking guide
supported by a cylindrical roller and
driven by a grooved driving pulley.

2. Supported on two lateral pulleys. 5. Belt with sidewalls supported by a
cylindrical roller which is narrower
than the belt.

3. Supported on three pulleys. 6. Belt with sidewalls and transverse
cleat supported by a cylindrical roller.

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