• Metal Detectable Conveyor Belt POLER 0802 MD

Designed to help users enforce food safety by providing a conveyor belt material that when mixed with food product is detectable in metal detection and X-Ray inspection machines. Machine sensitivity levels determine how small a piece can be detected.

Recommended for any processing lines with a standard metal detection or contamination control system, where the detection of foreign objects is vital to the quality of the final product or where the food products are highly abrasive.

• Metal Detectable.
• Small radius flexibility.
• Cut resistant.
• Highly abrasion resistant.
• Excellent Release properties
• Wick resistant and low shrinkage fabric
• Anti-static.
• Resistant to oils & fats.
• FDA & EU Regulations compliant.
• Can be made endless by vulcanising.

• Dark blue top cover for optimal visual product inspection.
• Wide temperature range for product variance: -20 (-30) +100 (+120)ēC.
• Wick resistant fabric, low oil and liquid absorption avoiding deformation and delamination.
• Matt finish, low adherence top cover for excellent release of products.
• Superior thermal conductivity for cooling tunnel applications.

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