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Drago 30 CR - 30 CC - 40 CC - 81CC:
Grain products mixed with mineral oils, coal, limestone, clay, chemical products, cereal grains in general (e.g. wheat, barley), soaps, etc.
  Espot 30 CC - 40 CC - 81 CC - 90 CC:
Food-stuffs, oleaginous products, soya, fodder, rice, etc.
Febor 31 CC - 32CC - 41 CC:
Abrasive products (sugar, salt and similar).
Febor 35 CC - 75 CC:
Non oily food products (coffee, flour, ...)



The buckets are secured to the belt by means of special galvanized steel bolts with a wide flat head, concave washer and nut.

The hole to be made in the belt for securing the buckets is of the same diameter as the bolt.

Bolts should be checked periodically for tightness, after 100 hours of operation.
  The load per bolt should not exceed 50 or 60 N.

In elevators it is very important to have the buckets loaded from a hopper which is located above the lower pulley or take-up.

"Dredging" of the buckets at the bottom of the elevator must be avoided. Such interference significantly increases the load on the belt and can reduce belt life.

Bucket securing bolt with attachment bosses for belt, together with nut and domed washer

Tipo A mm B mm C mm
M6x25 20 25 6
M8x30 28 30 8
M10x40 28 40 10


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